Liquid X - RIoT Rich .mp3

got a cowboy hat, with a black trenchcoat to match
aint got no friends, but i still try (I still try)
won't leave my room, til it's damn near june (like may 23rd)
I love to play, my counterstrike (counterstrike)
crack RSA, while watchin anime (those anime flicks)
system.print, god damn i'm nice (don't forget the semi colon too)
my motherboards, run on 24's (24 ghz processors)
I'm CS rich, dah dah......

my baseball bat stays hitting a mac
pcs unplugged like they're taking a nap
I got my, very own linux distro
turned down jobs from sun and cisco
processor working, like an engine revving
whole damn crew's 1-3-3-7
taking over IRC, with only four bots
dvd burners that I use for door stops
got a RAID 5 hard drive array
go ahead, leech a petabyte of anime
bought 3 sun servers tonight yo
[CPUs/all processors] iced out with liquid nitro
stay up til 6 AM, nocturnal
talk about my day in my online journal
friends say I need a girl in my world? (yo...)
I'd rather just recompile my kernel...

Payless boots, with the pimped out goodwill suits (with the good will suits)
ain't got no style, but I'm still fly (i'm still fly)
spent every cent, that my parents sent (god damnit mom and dad!)
they'll send some more, overnight (better hurry up with the dough)
got a quarter pound of dro, better smoke a bowl (right before I go to class)
I'm high as fuck, but I'm alright (I don't really work anyway)
don't gotta go to class, I'm still gon pass (school's easy as fuck)
art major rich, dah dah dah.......

got a new tackle box and a photoshop server
hair cut lookin like rainbow sherbert
I wear, sandals in the winter (it's true)
I don't buy books, just glitter and glue
have second year standing til I'm 24
raise a family at the art house, second floor
out of all programs, yeah, art's the hardest
I'm not lazy, I'm a starving artist
even if you think my art is garbage
you'll love how dope my shopping cart is
drop art? maybe when I'm not retarded
my portfolio's still hot regardless
friends hit the weed til they choke and they faint
all I need? dry macaroni and spray paint
drawing every day, wow, I'm amazin
probably co-op in the tunnels, working on a painting

complain all night, there's no social life (no social life)
but watch TV all the time...(don't forget videogames)
4 quarters and half, no girls in class (wow that sucks)
that's played as hell, but I'm alright (fuck it, I'll spit a cliche)
got a pair of wings taped, to the back of your cape (what the fuck is wrong with you kids)
your mom and dad, should end your life (really end it all on the real)
you'd transfer schools, but you're lazy fools (where the fuck is the forms)
R.I.T. rich, dah dah dah dah...

for most guys the ratio's not an issue
you're scared of girls, got a lotta tissues
if you make a joke about bricks, or chicks, or gracies
"YOU"RE CORNY AS FUCK", so don't make me
pull cards, [bitch], I'm fed up
too scared on the quarter mile to even lift your heads up
someone else used your mouse, you're prone to heads to the courts
with your pc and get a divorce, uh's a dry school...that's why y'all drink til you dry heave
and everybody's gotta have ID
we got a homecoming dance...but no football game
I know, it's lame, be ashamed
of your school, and the fact, that you're spending your cash
on a new gym that you'll never use, what a kick, in the ass
at last, when you get your degree
you're gonna promise yourself, that you're "never coming back"

Payless boots, with the pimped out goodwill suits (with the good will suits)
ain't got no style, but I'm still fly (i'm still fly)

Yo X let's go hit up ellingson and get some play from the deaf chicks
Yo they gotta be blind, not deaf

Lyrics stolen from ""

and... the awesomly true song stolen from "da hub"